Yes We’re BACK

sine business resume

The wait is over!! We look forward to be of service to you from 14th June 2021 ??
Your health & safety is our top priority. As such, we’ll be taking some necessary measures as we re-open:⁣
1️⃣ Please have your mask on the whole time until your beautician has advised you to remove it. ? TraceTogether for check-in and check-out ☑️
2️⃣ Increased frequency of cleaning at the salon???
3️⃣ Seats and beds in the salon are at least 1m apart.
4️⃣ Temperature taking for all; anyone feeling unwell will be sent home ??
5️⃣ ⁣ If you will like to book your first appointment with us, click on here to book today! You can also WhatsApp/DM us and we’ll get back within 1 business day⁣
WhatsApp?us at 9272 7337
Call us ☎️ At 6255 5823

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