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Say Goodbye to Pigmentation with Sine Beauty Facial Spa

It is said that ageing begins from as early as 25 years old! But never ever start caring for your skin at 25. For those who do not take care of your skin, you begin to notice various problems starting to appear as you age. One of the most common skin concerns is an increase in skin pigmentation. It is not long before you notice pigmented spots forming on your skin that were simply not there before. Not only are pigments a sign of ageing, but it may also cause low confidence and self-esteem.

Don’t Let Pigmentation Get Worse, Take Action Now

The longer you take to address pigmentation issues, the tougher it is to remove it completely. Pigmentations are not likely to get any better by ignoring them; that’s why we recommend that you start taking steps to prevent it from occurring in the first place. If you are looking for skin pigmentation treatment in Singapore, Sine Beauty Facial Spa has facials targeted to reduce the signs of ageing, including skin pigmentation problems.
Our therapists have years of experience in the beauty industry and can analyse your skin type. Thereafter, they can advise you on which facial and skincare regime is likely to produce the best results for you. We believe that this is essential in improving your overall skin health, and thus removing any underlying skin concerns. By using the right kind of treatment, it can make a large difference to the way that your skin looks today and for many years to come.

What Makes Our Treatment Different

What makes our skin pigmentation treatment different from other facials in Singapore?
Firstly, we accurately address and provide treatment options for facials. We feel that it is always good to lay out the available treatment options as skin pigmentation problems can be costly to treat at times. The right combination of skincare and treatments can significantly lighten pigmentation.
With vast experience in combatting skin pigmentation problems, our therapists are able to analyse your skin condition and offer you an ideal solution based on it. For mild to moderate pigmentation, solutions could be as simple as applying a whitening serum like our in-house product, or adding on our S5 Pigmentation Treatment (120 mins) on top of your regular facial at Sine Beauty Facial Spa. One thing to note about treating pigmentation is that it requires a prolonged period of time to lighten as pigments are present deep within the skin layer.

Start Your Journey to Better Skin Today

Sine Beauty Facial Spa is the perfect place to embark on your journey to better skin. Our facials are designed and approved by professionals in the medical field with years of experience. If you are looking to treat your existing skin pigmentation, come down to Sine Beauty Facial Spa and we’ll try our best to find the most ideal solution for you.

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